ATDG Chapter 0 (Prologue)

So, as promised, I have finally released chapter 0. It’s a prologue of sorts that hadn’t been there before the rewrite. But I urge you to read it anyway before you start with chapter 1 since it will give some relevant plot points and foreshadowing for the first book, and the whole story really. Links: Read More


So, after a damn long time I’m finally back with something. I’m still not completely done with rewriting, but I’ll probably start posting the first rewritten stuff soon. It took quite a while since I was also busy with exams. Anyway, in the meantime a big chunk of the story has changed, including the name Read More

Yet Again Rewriting TTDEWR

I’m yet again rewriting all my chapters, hooray good ol’ me. This time there will be some heavy changes that really have to be made. A certain character will get a complete rework, while I will also need to add a few scenes to certain chapters for some plot changes. This will take quite a Read More

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